Monday, January 24, 2011


This week and last week we have been learning about electricity and different circuits. We have practiced on the computer and with hands on projects. We have learned about parallel circuits and series circuits. Parallel circuits have multiple paths for electricty to travel but series circuits have only one path. Series circuits use a switch to turn the lightbulbs on and off.
Series: V=IR (current x resistance= voltage)amps
Parallel: VI=P (voltage x current= power)watts
We also learned about voltemeters which measures the amount of volts in a battery and in a ligtbulb. The total amount of volts in a lightbulb must add up to the total amount of volts in the battery. The computer helped me to understand each circuit. What it would look like and how the voltemeters worked. I also learned that the more battery, the brighter the lightbulbs are. The more lightbulbs but less battery, the lightbulbs get dimmer. We have practiced a lot already and we are still learning more.