Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Balloon on the String and Straw

KNEX Car and Balloonssss

Last week, my group and I made a KNEX car that could hold different amounts of weight and travel down a ramp. We built the car and then took a dry erase board and propped it up against a box to create an angle. We started out with just the car traveling down the ramp. It seemed to travel to the right but the car was completely symmetrical. We slowly added different amounts of weights so that we could see how different weights would affect the speed and distance of the car. The more weight we added, it USUALLY, slowed the cars speed down. The data changed and fluctuated a bit but it stayed mostly consistent. The point of this lab was to show that weight added to an object affects the speed and distance that the object travels.
Newton's second law: F=ma  is the change of acceleration. This experiment was an example of Newton's second law and it proved that ifi the mass and acceleration of an object increases, the F will also increase.

Last week, we also performed another experiment using balloons, string and straws. We took a string and stretched it across the room. Then we put the string through the straw and attached different shapes of balloons and attached them to the straw. As the balloon travels along the string, it pushes the air out of the balloon and pushes the straw forward.
This experiment is the example of Newton's 3rd law that states: If you push on something, it will push on you equally. The air from the balloon and the straw push on each other equally so that the balloon on the straw and the string will move forward beacuse of the air being pushed out of the balloon from the back.
Newton's Laws of Motion play a role in any sort movement. Whether it be acceleration, mass, weight, gravity, equal push or just an object at rest. Each law is important for the use of physics and the experiments that we did can be related to each law.